A child must be one (1) year or older to come into Base School, five (5) years or older into the Basic 1 school, nine (9) years or older into Junior High 1 and Twelve (12) years or older into the Senior high 1. An application form is obtained from the accounts department of the school, filled and returned. Then a competitive written and oral entrance interview is conducted and successful candidates admitted.

It is important that parents or guardians meet with the Principal or Headmistress before their child or ward is admitted. On admission, all necessary requirements for the child/ward will be communicated to the parents or guardian.

Each child is allocated a house for sporting activities by ballot and for close monitoring. The school has four houses namely:

King Alfred –             Blue Colour

Margaret Thatcher –   Purple Colour

Alele Williams–            Yellow Colour

Goodluck Jonathan –   Lemon Colour


 The school conducts an open day twice in a term for parents to visit the teacher of their child /ward between the hours of 12noon and 4.00pm. This is to enable parents have quality interaction with the subject teacher of their child; it is a time to discuss the child /ward academic, emotional and social needs. It is also an opportunity to meet your child /ward tutor one on one. 


Students are expected in school before 7.40am and are to stay in the school compound otherwise directed until 4:00pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays while Wednesdays and Friday’s school closes at 2:00pm. Students who arrive late to school will be penalized.


Titare Academy has a continuous assessment method and an examination committee for review of examination questions and review of marked answer sheets. Assessment scores are 40% of the overall result and they are based on students’ tests results (CT – Clip Test), practical projects, assignments, quizzes, debates, subject attendance (CW – Class Work) and evidence of completion of notes (NOTE). Mid Term Examinations are conducted before the Mid Term Break. The Termly Examinations are based on students learning throughout the term and it is 60% of the overall score. The average score before promotion is 50% and in addition a student must have credit in English and Mathematics before promotion to the next class. All these can be assessed on students’ tablet PCs.


Our Junior High Students are presented for the Junior JSCE (Junior School Certificate Examination), BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination conducted by NECO at the end of their Basic 9 education in the school and the Senior High Students are also presented for WAEC and NECO at the end of their Senior High education.

The school also assists and encourages students to apply for the Scholastic Assessment Test (S.A.T.) and Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) examination.


The school has a disciplinary committee that investigates offences and makes recommendations for appropriate disciplinary action(s). This covers all forms of misconduct/misbehaviour in accordance with laid down rules, guidelines and penalties..

However, all students/parents/staff have access to Principal or Proprietress if necessary.


Graduation ceremony is conducted every July for the final year out-going students, the Junior High 3 Students, the Basic 5 Pupils and Base 3 Pupils. Awards and prizes are given to students and teachers who have excelled during that academic period.


The school presents their pupils, students, staff and Parents for sporting competition every February. The pupils, students, staff and parents are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities such as Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Lawn and Table Tennis, High Jump, Chess, Scrabble, Badminton, Javelin, Shot-Put and Athletics.


The End-Of-Year Fiesta comes up in December at the end of the year. It is a ceremony packed with a lot of shows and excitement with visiting comedians and artists. It is diversity of cultures in display. And a thanksgiving service is conducted to close the school year.