Bernard Fortune

My name is Bernard Fortune .A. I’m a student of a great , Special , well coordinated and unique school. TITARE STAR ROYAL ACADEMY. A mixed school with qualified teachers and offers day, boarding and co-educational sections. TITARE STAR ROYAL Academy has a well ventilated and equipped classrooms, well constructed boarding house, a basketball court, volley ball and football field for sport, I.CT with internet supply and laptops for learning.
With all humility Tiatre STAR ROYAL Academy is a centre for knowledge. TITARE STAR ROYAL ACADEMY has really reshaped , polished and constructed my life in various aspects:
1. Spiritually: At first I wasn’t close or aligned to God and his commandments despite I do attend a church but TITARE STAR ROYAL ACADEMY turned it otherwise now my spiritual life is satisfactory.
2. Academically: I had sopophobia (fear of learning) before I was enrolled into TITARE STAR ROYAL ACADEMY but with the help of God, the qualified and exceptional teachers in the school, I now exhibit a great affinity for learning.
3. Morally: As a teenager there is a great tendency of developing and acting a nasty lifestyle but this school deprive me of that. TITARE SATR ROYAL ACADEMY taught me the dangers/effect that accompanies it. TITARE STAR ROYAL ACADEMY helped me by eradicating, terminating and aborting the lifestyle via teachings, and proper counseling.
Indeed TITARE STAR ROYAL ACADEMY is not just a school but it is a place where respectful, obedient, well organized pupils/students are trained. They don’t only teach pupils/ students how to read and write, they also nurture them to be an effective citizens to their society and country at large and with all humility I am confident to say that I am a product of this school.