Rotimi Genamie Theola

My name is Rotimi Genamie Theola, I am a student of Titare Royal Academy, I am in year 11 ivy. Learning in Titare star royal Academy
school has been very easy and conducive through these years because of the serene environment we learn under. We have high qualified teachers that are professionals in their respective subjects, our teachers are trained to handle our electronic board and other E-learning facilities to its full capacity. In Titare star royal Academy no student is left behind academically. Our Physics, chemistry and biology laboratories are equipped to world’s standards which help every student over come in every aspect of lab test. In Titare star royal Academy our information technology is second to none, sighting our ICT laboratory that is powered 24hours. The ultra modern library has books and learning tool that can aid any student’s research on any subject. The boarding facilities and security surrounding the environment makes Titare an extension of a home. The school’s sickbay has 24hours standby nurses and doctors on call. Students of Titare star royal Academy are all physically fit because of the school’s extensive sporting facilities that includes a well equipped basketball court, spacious football field and volleyball court.
Its only in Titare star royal Academy that the roles of the P.T.A are not undermined. Titare star royal Academy is a school I wish every child should be given an opportunity to explore, to bring out the best God has installed on the child. The medical doctor I am aspiring to be today is as a result of the academic changes I acquired by being a student of Titare star royal Academy. I employ every parent make this wise choice. In Titare every child is a star